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Luna Park, Melbourne Australia

Go to the home of PTC#30, to check out opening times etc.

Go to the home of PTC#30, to check out opening times etc.

Luna Park's 1912 scenic railway; artistic design for restoration of cars: Equus Art Pty Ltd
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The Rocking Horse, A history of moving toy horses

Written by Patricia Mullins

Photography by Ray Kinnane; published by New Cavendish Books, London, UK, 1992

376 pages, over 700 colour photos; English, American, German, French, Swedish and Australian toy horses featured plus patents and catalogue illustrations. Hardbound, contained in a slipcase, plus separate slim volume by Marguerite Fawdry: An International Survey of Rocking Horse Manufacture


For details regarding "The Rocking Horse", contact us.

'Splendid...destined to become the standard reference on the subject.' (Limited Edition Magazine, London)

'A monumental, definitive ten year effort.... magnificent photography. Invaluable to the collector, historian, curator,investor...' (Antique Toy World, USA)

'This beautiful book was a labor of love and one you will treasure and value.' (Inside Collector, USA)

'...definitive new history.' (Daily Mail, London UK)


Equus Art applauds the substantial financial contribution of more than $AU2 million by the BCR Group to this project. Without their vision and commitment, this most significant heritage carousel would not have been returned to its original splendour.

We thank Friends of Luna Park and in particular Julia Murray, for their unwavering belief that the carousel would be beautiful once again and their tireless efforts in making it happen.

We thank all the people who made the restoration of PTC#30 possible. In the USA, to Brian Morgan, Barbara Williams, Barbara Charles and members of the NCA and to Rosa Ragan and Dan Horenberger for their support throughout this project.

We thank Mississipi John Hurt for his "music to restore by" ('Avalon Blues, A Tribute to the Music of Mississipi John Hurt', Vanguard Records).

To "Cluny", "Vincent", "Bonaparte", "Pomme", "CTGGG", "Paris", "Ottoman", "Mr Curly", "Little Lucky", "Gulliver", "Phoenix", "Vlad", "No 9" (the lead horse) and all the other horses of PTC#30 who shared our studio and home for two years, thankyou.



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