Detail, carving on outside peace chariot horse

The band organ that accompanies the carousel is a 66 key "Orchestrophone" manufactured by the famous French Limonaire Freres company in 1909. It is one of only five 66 key Limonaire organs known in the world, the others reside in collections in Chicago and Wisconsin (USA), Japan and France. The organ's facade is unique and is shown below as illustrated in the company catalogue c1909 advertised as a style 250, 67 key (see below).


The organ itself has not operated for several years. It was housed for some time in the giggle palace at Luna Park which burnt down c 1980. The organ survived the fire with only some water damage. The instrument retains over 100 original cardboard concentina music books and its impressive pipes (see at left).


The organ has been returned to the carousel and it is hoped that it will be restored in the near future. It is possible that the organ has been with the carousel since its arrival in Sydney, Australia in 1913, however no evidence exists to support this. A photo of the carousel at Luna Park taken in 1923, the year it arrived in Melbourne, clearly shows the organ mounted in the centre of the carousel (see below)